Accept Bitcoin as a
Payment Method

What we offer

Accept Bitcoin payments

Accept Bitcoin as a payment method on your website for your product or services. Any online and offline business can start accepting Bitcoin fast and easy.

Easy payouts in multiple currencies

Accept Bitcoin as currency for your products and services, and get paid out your currency of choice. We pay out in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and many more.

Live statistics admin panel

Track all your sales realtime in our backend system. View orders, add unlimited websites, point of sale terminals and track all payouts.


Tailor made
for your needs

Use our backend system to track orders, create new API keys for new ventures. Pay-out webmasters or staff with Bitcoin directly from our admin panel.


Use Lightning Network for
faster payments

With full support for the Lightning Network, we offer API's to create payouts in Bitcoin and accept Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network layer. Power your business with the payments layer, allowing instant and free transactions for all your customers.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most secure, decentralized and permissionless payments system the world has ever seen. Offer the advantages of a payments system that is guaranteed to run 24/7.

Low fees

With the Lightning Network there are lower fees than any other payment system. Start offering Bitcoin payments, both via Bitcoin mainnet and the Lightning Network.

Transaction speed

All your payments made in Bitcoin are instantly confirmed by our payment processing platform. Accept Bitcoin and have all your transactions confirmed instantly.

No chargebacks

With Bitcoin, all payments are final. No more hassle and no more lost funds and disputes. Take control of your business through our Bitcoin payment gateway.

How BitcoinPayGate works?

Bitcoinpaygate is specialized to offer PSP's, acquirers & financial institutions an easy onboarding option with the Bitcoin network. Integrating with Bitcoinpaygate's API's offers access to both Bitcoin payments and Lightning Network payments.

  1. 1

    Customer selects product and pays with BTC

    Display a QR code or a Bitcoin payment address that your customer can pay to.

  2. 2

    BitcoinPayGate clears the transaction

    You will be notified by our system upon payment.

  3. 3

    You and customer receives receipt of purchase

    Your customer will be notified of complete payment via our APIs connected to your system.

  4. 4

    Money gets transfered to your account

    Get paid out in many different fiat currencies, for the products/services you sold using our Bitcoin payment processing.


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